Inventory Services:  $75 per hour or $500 per day (8 hours)
Inventory services include photographing, cataloging, and data entry.    A spreadsheet and customizable reports are designed to complement the client’s needs.  A hard copy, as well as a digital  copy are provided at the end of the project.  I can also assist with setting up a digital archive service like Collectrium or Artwork Archive.  

Collection Management:  $75 per hour.

If you are in need of someone to coordinate the conservation or framing of items in your collection, I can assist you with that.  

Authentication Coordination:   $150 flat fee. 
Most appraisers are not authenticators or experts, therefore, clients who want to pursue art authentication prior to valuation, sale, or gift must do so through the appropriate committee or expert.  The fee to coordinate authentication services is $150, which includes photographing the works, contacting the appropriate committees or experts, and explaining the process to the owners, and coordinating shipping if need be.  This fee is in addition to the authentication fees that the expert, foundation or committee may charge, as well as shipping and handling fees.  

Sales Consultation:   Flat $150 fee for 1 hour consultation, or finder's fee. 
Wondering what to do with the painting you inherited from grandma or the antique that doesn't fit in your new home?  As an appraiser, I will not offer to buy your property outright. Consultations are unbiased and take into consideration your needs.  My contacts in the antique and auction world are a valuable resource for clients who wish to sell their items.  The difference between the auction and gallery consignment process is explained to clients, as well as various market options.  For clients who would like assistance with auction or gallery placement, the fee is waived in lieu of a finders fee paid by the auction house or gallery.  This  service includes photographing the item, contacting various venues, negotiating terms on your behalf, then presenting the client with choices so they can make an informed decision.     

Art Aquisitions:  

If you are looking to acquire works by a certain artist or a type of antique for your collection, I can help by perusing gallery and auction inventories.  After meeting with you and discussing your collecting goals and tastes, I acts as an intermediary and becomes your eyes and ears in the market.   My fees are negotiated based on a percentage of the consummated sale.   

Freelance Cataloging, Bidding & Research:  

Are you a dealer or auction house in need of assistance cataloging a large collection? Are you a collector or institution that would like help documenting their collection or bidding at auction. I am familiar with many different collection products including Past Perfect, Collectrium, RFC, and Auction Flex and have experience bidding through on-line auction bidding platforms including Bidsquare, Liveauctioneers and Invaluable.  These services are billed on an hourly basis. 

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